Build Buildings "Microliters" is the ad music for StartUp, a great new podcast by Alex Blumberg of This American Life and Planet Money.  Heard on NPR and the internet!

Finalizing the mixes now — the album will be done soon!

"Yesterday" from "I Sat on the Roof" soundtracks this short film about the hardest rock climbing route in the world. Kind of amazing.

La Dura Complete: The Hardest Rock Climb In The World (by REEL ROCK)

I’m happy to announce a new Build Buildings song, “Water Birch,” is on this excellent compilation of electroacoustic ambient. Some great artists on this album, and it’s free!

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I Sat on the Roof EP is now playing on somafm.

Download the EP for free October 8!


"quite simply, a quietly magnificent record" -the Milk Factory

"worthy of unchecked praise" - Lost at Sea

"beautiful…. a gorgeous record that matches any minimal electronica that will see the light of day this year." - Diskant

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Two new Build Buildings albums are coming up.

I Sat on the Roof EP

A Generation of Books

Details to come….

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